We remove the burdens of planning for your trip. We'll place all our experience and knowledge at your disposal. In other words, you can choose among our pre-scheduled trips, or ask us to organize one that meets your particular requirements.


Our profound love for the rich diversity of Ecuador was the motivation for us to create EQT.TRAVEL.

We think it’s important to disconnect from daily life and recharge your batteries every now then. Why not take advantage of that special time to explore new places, achieve new goals and feel new sensations. There’s no greater experience than letting yourself be surprised by the extraordinary gifts that nature provides. Within each of our activities there is potential for renewal and self-discovery.


Conservation projects


Equator Trekking along with the Andean bear project have made an alliance to increase efforts in the protection and conservation of the spectacled bear. With this alliance is to develop alternatives for the conservation of Andean bears Trough scientific tourism that allow awareness of the importance of this species and raise funds to continue studying their behavior and understand more in depth how we can protect them. Through the program Equatortrekking Pack for A Purpose boost tourists to contribute to this cause and be part of change. Such Contributions as are one way of expressing appreciation for the experiences and kindness they enjoyed in other lands.


The Andean Bear Foundation's mission is to secure a future for the Andean bear (Tremarctos ornatus) and sustain the beauty and ecological integrity of its natural habitat of montane cloud forest and páramos (high-altitude grasslands) in Ecuador. Through research, education, reintroduction of rescued orphaned bears, and science-based advocacy, we, as frontline conservationists, are committed to working with local communities to help people and Andean bears live together without conflict.

The Andean Bear Conservation Project is a project of the Andean Bear Foundation, and is based in Ecuador. We monitor both wild and reintroduced bears, by direct observation and through the use of radio tracking equipment. Our aim is to improve human understanding of these gentle creatures by collecting data on their environmental requirements, home ranges, preferences and use of habitat.

We need your help! We are currently the major organization in the world tracking Andean Bears with radio equipment and the only one successfully reintroducing Andean bears to the wild. The information we are gathering is vital to their survival. Despite this we are a small, grass-roots operation with little funding. We depend on volunteers and donations to survive. Without your support we cannot continue this critical work. You can help by buying from our Andean bear gift store.

The Andean Bear Foundation is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit in the USA. Find us on the Guidestar search engine for non-profits, or on the IRS charities search engine. The Andean Bear Project was in the past a part of an Ecuadorian non-profit, Espíritu del Bosque, which has now changed its objectives to be a rescue center for all animals.

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