Otavalo – Ibarra Adventure

Trip Details

3 Days / 2 Nights


Day 1. Polylepis Forest

We'll depart from Quito towards the Polylepis forest, where we'll walk on the moor and the highland páramos (grasslands) full of frailejones—frailejones sensu lato (subtribe Espeletiinae). We'll have lunch in the reserve of El Angel and arrive in the evening for the spectacular “Walk of Lights” through an ancient Polylepis forest, with its tales of elves and Andean myths. We'll drink zunfo (a highland energy drink, with or without liquor), and rest to regain our strength for a new adventure.


Day 2. Peguche Waterfall

After breakfast, we'll head for Otavalo, visit the poncho market, and head towards the waterfall of Peguche. That night, we will stay at a wonderful hotel in the city of Ibarra where we will enjoy a delicious typical dinner.


Day 3. Cuicocha Crater Lake

After breakfast, we'll head to the impressive Cuicocha Lagoon. We will then take a boat ride through the crater lake with its two central islets. Upon our return, to Quito, we stop for a visit to the town of Cayambe, where we'll taste traditional biscuits and cheese (similar to mozzarella).


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