The awards that have been called the "Oscars" of the travel industry by The Wall Street Journal have been presented for 2016. As Ecuadorians we are proud to announce the international categories that we won, as well as congratulate all the people that made this possible. South America´s Leading Green Destination: Ecuador South America´s Leading…

Ecuadoreans Gather in the Safety of Quito to send Aid to Earthquake Victims

QUITO, EC – Ecuadoreans by the thousands are gathering in the safety of capital city Quito to send aid to coastal areas affected by a recent earthquake. Cars are lining up outside Quito’s former airport with local citizens, anxious to drop off food, blankets, water, clothing and medical supplies. “It’s so incredible to watch Quiteños…

10 Things to Do in Quito, Ecuador

More than a few surprises await in this bustling Andean capital.

Ecuador has embarked on a strategic campaign to draw international visitors, spending a record $60 million on tourism in 2014. Rising from the remains of the Inca empire, with a newly opened airport and a subway in the works, Ecuador’s capital blends colonial history, Andean culture and contemporary infrastructure.

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