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4 Days / 3 Nights

DAY 1 Archidona

An early morning departure will take us all the way to the Amazon jungle. During our trip of about 3.5 hours, we will have strategic stops at various locations where we can admire the change in vegetation and witness the unique climatic zones. Once in Archidona, we will stop at a beautiful lodge to visit the wildlife rescue center that receives many of the smuggled animals seized by local authorities. This wildlife center is funded solely with tourist entrance fees. At the end of day, we will return to the lodge for a Shamanic night.


DAY 2 Misahualli

We will depart via canoe early in the morning from Puerto Misahualli and head to Monkey Island. Afterwards, we will visit native Amazonian communities. At the end of the canoe tour, we will return to the lodge and have the afternoon to rest, enjoy the self-guided trails, or freshen up in the lodge's delightful pool.


Day 3 Rafting and Yanayacu Waterfalls

After a short safety debriefing, we will equip ourselves and begin the river-rafting tour, chosen according to the experience of our participants. In this area, there are rivers with all levels of difficulty depending on the season, from class II, IV+ or even V. The rafting tour takes about 4 hours, which will be full of adrenaline and awe as we pass by amazing flora and fauna. In the afternoon, we will follow a path by beautiful waterfalls, which will help us recharge our batteries after an exciting day.


DAY 4 Jumandy Caverns

In the morning, we will head into the Jumandy Caves, where a four-meter deep lagoon awaits us. These caves are special place of spiritual retreat. Shamans came here for their rituals, or to contact the spirits. Inside the Jumandy Caves, there are incredible natural rock formations. Afterwards, we will return to our city of departure.


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